"The Strategy of Mobility" Exhibition

It is our pleasure to announce The Strategy of Mobility, the summer solo show of multi-media artist Kremena Lefterova. The exhibition brings together a variety of works from the artist.

These pieces will transform the gallery into a cerebrally intense showroom for the display of masculinity and strength through fantastical chessboards, guns, knights, and warrior horses among others. The artist’s rendering of typically masculine objects in porcelain, a medium historically correlated with femininity, serves to challenge the still-pervasive gender binary. As a grouping, these works delve into the connection between strategy and motion as well as ancient ideals of masculinity to force the viewer to confront the juxtaposition of these ideas with the modern age.

An engineer by training, Kremena’s work is influenced by her past experience to give it the illusion of movement. She manipulates porcelain in ways that are reminiscent of the Old Masters but also incorporates her technical training and her fascination with robotics as well as the mechanics of sculpture. Aesthetics and engineering are thus finely intertwined in the artist’s whimsical world.