"The Emperor’s New Clothes" Exhibition

"The Emperor’s New Clothes"
Exhibition Dates: April 4 – May 5, 2014

Red Royalty Gallery is pleased to introduce Princeton-based artist Kremena Lefterova. Kremena’s first solo show in New York includes three-dimensional ceramic and porcelain pieces, as well as a two-part storefront installation blurring the boundaries between sculpture, graphic drawing, digital painting, and video installation. Having spent her formative years in Varna and Sofia, Bulgaria, Lefterova aims to transcend common media categories in order to redefine the purpose of contemporary art galleries by embracing -­ instead of discounting -­ the fact that advertising, propaganda, celebrity, money, and art have become inevitably intertwined in the contemporary world.

The brightness and lushness of her pieces is influenced by her fascination with Cirque du Soleil and Maxfield Parrish’s early 20th-­‐century illustrations, and serves as a critique of the monochrome dreariness of Russia and Eastern Europe. Lefterova offers objects that cannot be simply bought and owned; they are constantly performed, thus entering a discourse on taste and cultivated sociability dissociating the decorative object from a work of labor and realigning it with a work of pleasure.