Opening Event, a Success!

On July 25th from 6 - 9pm Red gallery opened its doors to the public once more. Invitees, passers by, and locals from the neighborhood all stopped in to take a look and marvel at the rejuvenated interior and new collections. 

Visitors complimented both new and past works by Kremena Lefterova, while other spectators oo'd, aah'd, and discussed the hidden themes of Zlatko Mitev's works.  

By the end of the opening strangers, new friends, and close friends all left the RRG team with smiles on their faces. 

Thank you to all who joined us! 


RRG Introduces RED: The New Gallery Guru!

With the exciting wind of the rejuvenation underway, and increased anticipation for the re-opening event, RRG is proud to introduce it's newest logo & member: RED - the Gallery Guru!

RED isn't the only newcomer to the gallery... Keep an eye out for more news updates, including an introduction to our new artist, new works and collections by Kremena, and for information regarding the gallery opening!

RRG Launches its "Fine Arts Classes" Program in Princeton, NJ - Garden Party on June 6-th

Red Royalty Gallery is pleased to announce the launch of its long anticipated "Fine Arts Classes" program.

The Inauguration Ceremony of the "Fine Arts Classes" program, will be on June 6-th. Please be welcome to attend the garden party and art exhibition (ceramic sculptures) of Kremena Lefterova - the leading instructor in the teaching classes program.

See more details about the program here:

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"The Emperor’s New Clothes" Exhibition

Red Royalty Gallery is pleased to introduce Princeton-­‐based artist Kremena Lefterova. Kremena’s first solo show in New York includes three-­‐dimensional ceramic and porcelain pieces, as well as a two-­‐part storefront installation blurring the boundaries between sculpture, graphic drawing, digital painting, and video installation.

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