Kremena is a Bulgarian-born fine artist and sculptor based in San Diego, California. She graduated from the Technical University of Varna, Bulgaria, with a degree in Industrial Design and then went on to study fine arts under the tutelage of the leading Bulgarian graphic artist Borislav Kuzmanov. While in college, Kremena held various jobs, including working at a pastry shop, handcrafting custom-order luxury cakes for VIP customers. Her skill as a chef was awarded with a world-wide recognition in the field in the form of a prestigious French culinary award. While working part-time in the pastry shop, Kremena also interned with a famous and eccentric 83-year-old hat designer and learned how to make elaborate hats herself. She later transitioned into the television and communications field as she got a job as a graphic designer in the biggest private television channel in the city of Varna, Bulgaria, where she thoroughly enjoyed writing the scripts and rendering TV shows for kids. She later expanded her skills and interests and became involved in music shows, advertisements and promo videos. She learned to render her artistic visions into moving images, developing further her video compositing and 3D computer animation skills. After she graduated from college, Kremena moved to Sofia, Bulgaria, and joined a start-up software company designing tools for broadcast animation, PlayBox Technology. Along with her husband, Kremena transformed the firm from a volatile 15-people tech start-up to a recognized broadcast vendor company with hundreds of employees and offices in 9
different countries worldwide. Due to her company’s rising influence in the media and television world, Kremena had to travel across the world for business. It was while she and her family were living in India when she first discovered her passion for fantasy ceramic and porcelain sculptures. Although she had been drawing and painting since she was a child, it was not until she moved to New York in 2011 that Kremena shifted her focus to making complex porcelain sculptures and art installations. The entire art collection made by Kremena during the next 4 years, which amounts to roughly 200 art pieces (sculptures, paintings, drawings, sketches), was then acquired by Detour gallery in Red Bank, New Jersey ( The artist moved to San Diego during the summer of year 2016 and now focuses on acrylic paintings. The theme of the first art collection, already finished by Kremena, is a historical inspiration from famous figures, architecture and costumes from various cultures around the world, with the artist's depiction and fantasy views incorporated. Currently Kremena is working on a surrealism based collection, completely different from the previous San Diego one.